Cynthia has been enameling for 44 years and has been a member of the San Diego Enamel Guild for over 34 years. She studied in Germany and Africa and received her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at San Diego State University, under Dr. Joanne Tanzer and Arlene Fisch. 

Cynthia's current series: Fusion Illumination, sets the foundation for elegant and modern design. By layering silver pallions in enamel with transparent colors, one can't help but see the Illumination presence. She continually challenges herself with new designs using various metal & enameling techniques. Her passion for  the "round" is displayed throughout her kinetic-gear wearable art, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. 

Studio 5 member Cynthia Pardoe was featured in August 2015 as Artist of the Month. 

Cynthia Pardoe