Julie Holmes was born in La Mesa, CA in 1959. A 30 year career as a dentist helped hone her hands for the intricate work of cloisonné.

A desire to learn to facet gemstones led her into enameling through a subscription to the Lapidary Journal and an article about 3 amazing enamelists. She has been enameling since 2002. Julie is largely self taught from information on the internet and in books and she attended a workshop with Merry-Lee Rae in 2005 in Dallas, TX.

Cloisonné is Julie’s enamel technique of choice. In cloisonné, the design is created by
bending wires to create individual cells, or cloisons. The different enamel colors are then washed and laid in wet using a paint brush. The enamels are fired in a kiln at 1500 degrees after every thin layer is placed. Each enamel goes in the kiln many times and takes several hours to complete.

Exhibits: Garan Beadagio, To Bead True Blue show, Tucson Arizona 2004

Publications: Glass on Metal Magazine, December 2005, back cover, “Pink Hat”

You can find Julie’s enamels at the San Diego Enamel Guild ( Studio 5) in Spanish
Village, Balboa Park, San Diego and online at www.zenamels.com.

Julie Holmes