The San Diego Enamel Guild exists for the love of all forms of enameling and the desire to practice, promote, teach and preserve this wonderful art form.  As such, we are always excited to welcome new members who share this same philosophy and wish to be a part of our warm and welcoming guild.

Levels of Membership:

  • Associate Membership

Associate members are patrons of our studio and anyone interested in enameling who would like to receive our monthly newsletter. The  cost of an associate membership is $15.00 for emails, or hard copies mailed to United States addresses. The cost for newsletters mailed  to addresses in Canada and Mexico are $20.00, and $25.00 for other countries outside the United States. Please make checks payable to  San Diego Enamel Guild and mail to: Terry Beatty, 6858 Brooklyn Avenue, San Diego, CA.  92114. Include preference for email or hard copies, and name and address to which the newsletter should be sent.

  • Full Membership

 All prospective working members must be “juried in”.  This is not as intimidating as it sounds.  We ask that you fill out an application  and select at least 5 pieces of your work which are representative of what you will be placing in the guild’s studio for sale.  Your  application and work will be reviewed by our board members.  It is recommended that if you do more than one type of enameling technique, you bring pieces representative of each style.  We are not only looking for quality of workmanship, but also commitment to the art form and the desire to be an active and productive member of this thriving community.  If you are not accepted by the jury,reasons will be given, as well as suggestions for improvement and encouragement to try again.

Benefits of Full Membership:

  1. You can use our studio equipment  San Diego Enamel Guild has a well-equipped enameling studio in Spanish Village Art Center supplied with several kilns (full-sized and  trinket), a brake shear, an hydraulic press, an expanding drum lapidary machine, a flexshaft type handpiece, hand tools and much more.  As a full member, you will have access to this equipment while working at the studio. 
  2. Studio 5 provides a place to show and sell your work. Our displays are maintained by a member with professional experience in the jewelry industry and it shows!  Helping you sell your work helps the guild, and so we do our best to present your work in settings that showcase your talent.  Security cameras are installed for theft prevention
  3. Be part of the art scene. You will have access to the larger art community that is Spanish Village.  Our guild participates in activities throughout the year with other studios and guilds in the Village.
  4. Opportunities to Get Involved and Network with Other Artists. There are many opportunities throughout the year to participate in activities on behalf of the guild or Spanish Village Art Center. Make new friends!  Be inspired by the art of others!  Be part of the reason Balboa Park is a cherished landmark and destination.
  5. Receive a Monthly Newsletter. The San Diego Enamel Guild publishes a monthly newsletter of enamel related news focusing on our members, their work, studio related activities, show announcements, new opportunities for learning in the field of enamel art, and articles on enameling techniques.

Requirements of Full Membership:

  1. Must be a resident of San Diego County.
  2. Must be accepted through jurying in process.
  3. Payment of yearly dues of $70.00 due in July. Dues are prorated for members joining in other months.
  4. Provide proof of a certificate of payment of business tax obtained through the city.  See for more information.
  5. Display work in the studio for sale. (A very reasonable portion of sales proceeds go to the guild for operating expenses.)
  6. Sit in the studio a minimum of 14 days a year, which averages one to two days per month.  Studio hours are 11:00 am to 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm on weekends in summer months.
  7. Complete three training days with a studio member before sitting independently.

Ready to join?  Great!

  1. Click the button to the right and fill out this form and submit it.
  2. You will be contacted to schedule your jury date.
  3. Gather at least five (5) examples of your best work. You’re welcome to bring more.
  4. Bring your work to Studio 5 on your appointed date and time. Return in about an hour to learn the Board’s decision.

Not quite ready, but want more information?

You can contact San Diego Enamel Guild, Phone (619) 233-3672, for more information about the guild or requirements for membership and the jury process.   

We sincerely appreciate your interest in the San Diego Enamel Guild and look forward to meeting all who wish to join us, shop with us, and support us in the art of enameling.